A downloadable game for Windows

In this audio game, you play as a bat who's on their way to a hot date with another bat who's waiting for you at the specified location. All you have to do is fly

there to get to your destination on time. You fly forward on a 3x3 grid starting in the center of the grid, and can move in the cardinal directions. That means

in the center you have access to four different directions. Once you reach a side or a corner, you have two directions to go in depending on your location.

The obstacles that you have to dodge each have different shapes, so you must fly to a safe space in order to avoid them. You must press the WASD keys to move in

the direction that corresponds with that key. A sound will play when you successfully move.

Sounds easy until you realize you're a bat, and are blind so you cannot see these obstacles and what spaces they occupy. This is when your echolocation

ability comes into play. By pressing the SPACE button, you emit a sound wave that will play back a certain sound depending on what obstacle is in the way.

Your echolocation only goes straight ahead, so use it multiple times in different spaces to get the shape of an obstacle memorized. If you do not hear a sound play

back when you use your echolocation, it means it is clear straight ahead.

Each obstacle has a distinct shape and sound when your echolocation hits it. You know your local area pretty well, so you know the first three obstacles that will

be in your way will be a bridge first, then a tree, and then a cave. To fly safely beneath a bridge, you must fly as low as possible. A tree is very tall but narrow, so sticking

to the left or right will be your best bet. A cave is large and the only way to stay safe is to stay in the center.

Bumping into an obstacle will result in a sore head and a game over. Press R when this happens to try again.

Eventually traversing all the obstacles will lead you to your date. When you use the echolocation, you will hear them call out to you. Touch them to finish the game!


blinddate_final.zip 33 MB