A downloadable game for Windows

Leukocyte is a local 2 player co-op game. You are the last line of defense for the body's immune system. If too many viruses get past you it's all over. You two must work together to stop these virus attacks. The top player will control the canon, identifying the types of viruses that are approaching and shooting them. The second player will move around picking up the needed ammo and loading it onto the canon. All bodies eventually die, your goal is to get the most points before that happens. Good luck!

Player 1 will use the MOUSE to move the canon around. By hovering the reticle in front of the virus they can identify what type of ammo is needed to get rid of it.

Player 1 uses Left Mouse Button to shoot the ammo. Player 2 will use WASD to move around, and LEFT SHIFT to dash while moving. When they approach a container holding a specific type of ammo they can press SPACE to pick up the ammo. The player can only hold three types of ammo at a time. To load the ammo, simply walk towards the canon and press SPACE.

Thanks for playing and have fun! This game was developed by: Spencer Cumming, June Hong, Max McHarris, and Aleksei Waddington


Leukocyte.zip 15 MB